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Post Office Franchise Scheme Details

Post Office Franchise Scheme Details In order to take a franchise, the application has to be submitted in the proforma (attachment 1) designated by the post office in the name of the divisional head. Divisional Head selects the franchisee from the SDI report.

In this, the provider of computer and post pensioner is given priority. There is no maximum age limit for applying for a franchisee.

Any shopkeeper and other types of business people can also take franchisees and work in the post office as well as their business. You also have to deposit a security deposit in order to take a franchise. The security deposit is in the form of an NSC. Less security of less than Rs 5,000 will be credited. Depending on your daily average business, the security deposit will be increased.

You can book money orders, registry, speedpost. You can also book stamps, stationary sales, e-post. You will be able to book a large number of registered / speedposts. You can also get post office department's bill, tax, fine collection and payment services. All these services will earn you money. However, you can not order a money order less than 100 rupees.

 You will get 5 rupees on every registered article, 5 rupees on the speed post booking. Whereas, on a money order of Rs 100-200, Rs 3.50 on the order and money order of more than 200 will get 5 rupees. 20% on 1000 points from the Wakuni registry, Post stamps, 5 percent of total sales on postal stationery and Retail service, Revenue stamp, Central There will be a commission of 40% on recruitment fees.

Post Office Franchise Scheme Details

India Post entrusted with the Universal Service Obligation of increasing access to basic postal facilities throughout the country. Even though India has the largest postal network in the world, with over 1.55 lakh post offices, including 89% in the rural are, there continues to be a demand for post offices. There is a constant demand from customers to open more post offices especially in newly developing urban agglomerations.

To meet this India post had introduced the franchise scheme through which the counter services are to be franchised, while delivery and transmission will be continued through the Department. The franchisee will provide service across the counter for a minimum defined time schedule with flexibility to work round the clock.​

India Post Franchise Ki, Kya Hogi Income:

India Post Ne Franchise Ke Liye Commission Ki Rates Fix Ki Hai, Jaane Kya Hai Commission.

Services: Registered Article
Commission: 3 Rupye

Services: Speed Post Articles Ki Booking
Commission: 5 Rupees

Services: Booking of Money Order
Commission: 100 Se 200 Rupye Tak - 3.50 Rupye
200 Rupye Se Adhik - 5 Rupye

Services: 1000 Articles Se Adhik Registry Karne Par
Commission: 20 Percent Additional Commission 

Services: Postage Stamp and Postal Stationery
Commission: Total Sale Ka 50%

Services:Retail Services Jaise Revenue  Stamps, Central Recruitment Fees
Commission: 40% Commission

What can be offered by Post Office Franchise Scheme  outlet?

  • Sale of stamps and stationery.
  • Booking registered articles, speed post articles, money orders.
  • Functioning as an agent for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and provide related after sales service, including collection of premium.
  • Retail services like bill/tax/fine collection/payment services of the Department.
  • Facilitating the provision of e-governance and citizen centric services.
  • Any other service introduced by the Department in future through its outlets.
  • How to Become a Franchisee?

Applicants for franchises would need to submit an application in a prescribed format. The selected franchisee will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department .Criteria for selection have been fixed considering the need to select persons with the capacity to manage and market a range of products, along with a sense of the community needs and public aspects of the job, and willingness to accept technological options. 

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