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Let’s make these 2 settings, will be fast, save your Smartphone, data will be saved

Let’s make these 2 settings, will be fast, save your Smartphone, data will be saved

There are some settings in the Smartphone that we do not know. Today we are going to tell you two settings from here on the phone, so that you can fasten your Smartphone. After using this setting, the processing speed will increase as soon as the phone data and battery are saved. Currently smarton users are about to conserve the largest concentration battery and data. Also, if the phone’s speed fast setting is also found, then better. These settings are in the phone’s features that we can not use.
However, an expert in this regard says that the smartphone user can increase the speed of their phones but this depends on the version of Android and the software updates.
Open the Chrome browser for this. Tap on the 3 dots looking at the top. Now tap on settings will look at the Data Saver option. Do it by tapping on it.
Chrome will open any page which will open and compress it. This will reduce load on the processor. Any page that you open will open quickly. Phone battery and internet usage will also be reduced.
To make the other settings go to the phone’s settings and go to Account. Here you have to tap on the 3 dot. Now let’s turn it on Auto Sync. A message will be displayed on the phone screen than it is written, in which it will be written that it will save your data and battery.
But it should be used when the phone is running slow and after doing the work again on it again. Because of this, Google contacts continue to sink from Gmail.
Designrd By Bhavesh Chothani

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